New personal transport gadget on a roll

self balancing scooter hoverboardMove over Vespa, there is a new hot way of driving around that would make Marty McFly feel right at home. Sure you’ve seen those scooter-like things without handlebars in parks and on the streets. Or at least all over the social media. It’s the latest trend in urban personal transportation. Even celebrities are on it (no pun intended).

Self-balanced scooters, known as hoverboards have become the latest status symbol of young stars and wannabes thanks to the hype created by the social media. Countless of photos and videos posted on Instagram, including Justin Bieber zooming around his living room with his friends, or Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne crashing together on a couch.

The rapper Meek Mill was spotted riding a Skywalker board with Bluetooth on his way to photoshoot. “It’s like roller skates. I’m trying to master it,” he said as he zipped ahead, stopping once to pose for a selfie with a fan.

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Vacation on Greek islands

With hundreds of islands, fabulous coast, deep blue and very clear sea, Greece is a dream vacation destination for most of the people. Not to mention a lot of historic places all over the Greece which are just “some old stones” for someone and “mythological hot spots” for others.

However you feel about Greek mainland one thing is special – vacation on Greek islands. I’ve been on most major Greek islands and simply cannot answer to question ” Which one is the best for vacation?” There is nothing to compare between islands, what kind of question is that?

By nature islands are lonely places. Time goes slow for habitants, cultural influences from other people are low. So what does it mean for Greek islands?

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Become (and stay) fit for life

A healthy fitness regime is an important part of any wellness plan. Getting started on your fitness regime can sometimes feel like a battle though. You might struggle to find the time, or the energy, or even the willpower. So lets see some of the top tips to help you get started toward reaching your fitness plan goals.

Maintaining a healthy fitness routine requires that you eliminate any reason to not exercise. Start small and only devote 15 minutes a day to exercising if that is all that you think you have time for. Once you start this, you can build from it and completely extinguish the “no time” excuse. If your excuse is that you are too out of shape, then start slowly by walking or even just doing basic stretches. Keep your neck safe when you are doing crunches by sticking your tongue to your upper palate. It also helps if you look at the ceiling instead of at your legs. This helps you to focus energy on those core muscles that should be getting the workout, not your neck.

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Screen protector on your phone

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone owns a cell phone of some type. But, how much do you really know about these devices? If you feel like you are in need of more information, you are in luck. In the article that follows, you will read some helpful cell phone advice.

Sometimes signing a longer term contract is worth it to get the phone you want. Some providers will offer the best prices if you are willing to sign on for their service for a year or two. Just make sure you’re willing to commit to the contract, because ending the term early can cost a lot in penalties.

Do not use a screen protector on your phone. These may look like a practical investment at first as they will reduce the amount of glare that you have during the day, but will also reduce the visibility on your phone. Air bubbles will also result if you do not put them on properly.

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iPhone or Android smart phone?

An iPhone is much more than just a phone. In addition to talking to other phones, you can surf the Internet, listen to music and use the thousands upon millions of applications available for the device. To get a handle on all this power, read on into this article for awesome ideas on mastering your iPhone.

Save time while texting on your iPhone by tapping the space bar twice. This quick shortcut will automatically end your sentence with a period, then start a new sentence. The first letter of the new sentence will be automatically capitalized. This trick it perfect for long texts and anyone on the go.

Find your phone fast with the brand new, free app called Find My iPhone. It lets you remotely access your phone to provide you with coordinates on a map, turn the volume up so the phone can be heard from under thick cushions, or lock the phone and wipe all data in case of theft.

If you use Safari to browse through the Internet on your iPhone, try this trick for typing in a new URL. Instead of actually typing out “.com,” you can hold down the “.com” button. As you hold the button down, it will scroll through the most popular website extensions, including .org, .net and .edu.

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Dracula tour to Transylvania

Have you seen any of the movie about Dracula? If you did then you must go and see when it began.

I visited Transylvania in late April, traveled trough Craiova to Sibiu and Brasov. I had no idea what to expect, had a lot prejudges about Romania and Romanian people. Tried to contact some guys trough different forums but unfortunately got no response. So decided to go without guide, feeling I am going to unknown.

This is part of the truth, I did research and I found what places I should visit. But there are too many! A lot of castles, monasteries, small villages which should be seen. For the first time I couldn’t make a plan. So I just went to the road.

There are issues with the roads in Romania. The only one that is descent, new but not highway is the road on the other side of Karpati, from Sibiu trough Brasow to Bucharest. Every other road I went was hard to drive. There are no holes it is all fixed, but noise from the road and constant bumping and jumping makes you feel very tiered after just 300 kilometers of driving. On the other hand, as a reward you will get spectacular landscape, fantastic view on Karpati maintains. It is so large that you have the feeling you will never pass them.

So, beside Bran castle I decided to visit one more famous attraction – Transfagarasan road, so popular after the Top Gear show. If you plan to visit this road make sure it is from June to October. This is the only time when this road is completely open to drive. Other months it is closes due to too much snow and avalanches .

Have fun with your new iPad

So you’ve just bought a new iPad, and you want to know how to use it with all its apps and gadgets. Great! There is much to know, so consider the following helpful advice when it comes to getting started. You will be using it for everything in no time at all.

Protect your sensitive data with the Delete All function. Worried about losing your identity if your iPad is ever lost or stolen? Simply enable the Erase Data security setting. In the event of 10 incorrect passcode entries, the iPad will automatically erase all personal data. You can find this option in the Settings menu, under General > Passcode Lock.

Do you have an Apple TV? You should be able to stream some of the content stored on your iPad to this TV. Open the content on your iPad while you are next to your Apple TV and wait for the Airplay icon to appear. If you tap it, your content will be sent to your TV.

Are your spotlight searches taking too long? You can restrict the folders that are searched by going into your settings. Tap on general and select Spotlight search. You can then choose which folders will be included in your search, which is very useful if you only use this search feature to find media content.

If you find yourself in a situation where you must mute sound on your iPad, try this trick. Just hold the “volume down” key for a few seconds. This is quicker than adjusting the volume repeatedly. When you want to restore the volume, simply hold down the button again.

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