Your dress is probably the most important part of your quince party. It’s one of the first things you pick out, and so many things depend on the selection of the dress – the theme, the color scheme. Planning a quiñceanera is much easier if you have the dress, because you can base everything else on it. But picking the dress is much complicated that you may think. You probably already know how your dream dress should look like, but there is so many different quinceañera dresses & gowns right now, so many styles, colors, price ranges, that it is so easy to forget what you wanted in the first place.

Look online

Good idea is to go on the internet, search quinceañera dresses and see what color attracts your attention, which style stands out to you, if there is any specific collection that you particularly like. Just to get the idea of what’s out there on the market, but keep your mind open, because things you see on the internet might not look the same in real life.

Determine what type of girl are you

Are you fascinated with big poufy ball gowns, and you love to feel like a princess? Go look for ruffles, texture, layers of tulle, as it helps the dress pouf out, makes it bigger and creates the cupcake dress style you like. Or are you the more simple type that likes her dress more toned down and not as big? You might want to look for more flat lines, just a simple tulle overlay, and not too many layers. Today nothing is really off limits: there are dresses with a train that look just like a wedding dress, there are dresses with feathers, crystals, about a million different prints, glitter… There are dresses with a detachable skirt, that go from formal ceremony gown to flirty party dress in no time, two piece dresses.

View more quince dress styles at Madame Bridal.

Know what color looks best with your skin tone

Personal preference and current trends aside, the right color (or the right shade) has the power to give your look an instant shot of radiance. Before you can choose your ideal clothing colors, you’ll need to determine your skin tone. Skin tones vary from warm to cool, and some people have a neutral skin tone that works well with both warm and cool tones. Take look at how to determine your skin tone.

The colors that look best on the warm skin tone are rich earthy shades of red, rust and burned orange, mustard and citrus yellow, chocolate browns and khaki and olive greens. Other colors that will emphasize the golden undertones of your skin are peach, coral, and red violet, and blues like teal and periwinkle.

If you are cool skin tone, the colors that will suit you are cobalt blue, turquoise, icy blues, greens, frosty purple and pink, berry red, and all cool grays and crisp white shades.

There is also a neutral skin tone, that is a mixture of both tones, and if you have it, you are fortunate enough to wear almost any color you like.

Be Fabulous

This is the most important dress of your life, besides your wedding dress, but unlike the wedding dress, the quinceañera dress can really be worn ONLY ONCE! So make it special, make it stand out, make an impression. Whatever your style is, pick a quince dress that you’ll love, and that will make you happy and confident.