Have you seen any of the movie about Dracula? If you did then you must go and see when it began.

I visited Transylvania in late April, traveled trough Craiova to Sibiu and Brasov. I had no idea what to expect, had a lot prejudges about Romania and Romanian people. Tried to contact some guys trough different forums but unfortunately got no response. So decided to go without guide, feeling I am going to unknown.

This is part of the truth, I did research and I found what places I should visit. But there are too many! A lot of castles, monasteries, small villages which should be seen. For the first time I couldn’t make a plan. So I just went to the road.

There are issues with the roads in Romania. The only one that is descent, new but not highway is the road on the other side of Karpati, from Sibiu trough Brasow to Bucharest. Every other road I went was hard to drive. There are no holes it is all fixed, but noise from the road and constant bumping and jumping makes you feel very tiered after just 300 kilometers of driving. On the other hand, as a reward you will get spectacular landscape, fantastic view on Karpati maintains. It is so large that you have the feeling you will never pass them.

So, beside Bran castle I decided to visit one more famous attraction – Transfagarasan road, so popular after the Top Gear show. If you plan to visit this road make sure it is from June to October. This is the only time when this road is completely open to drive. Other months it is closes due to too much snow and avalanches .