commuting by electric scooterUntil recently the first (and pretty much the only) choice of anyone who wanted to make their commute environmentally friendly was a good, old bicycle ride. Millions of people switched from cars to pedaling, and bravely confronted the weather, hills and being out of shape. However, with the electric motors and battery technology advancing, there is an easier way to reduce your carbon footprint on your morning commute, and it has never been more fun.

Electric bikes were the first to emerge on the electric vehicle scene, and they instantly became a hit. The only reason why you don’t see more of them on the streets in their price. Electric scooters started as a kids’ toys and grew up into convenient way of personal transportation, especially in the urban areas. Today’s electric scooters, are lightweight, compact, foldable, fast and energy efficient. However, not all e-scooters are Razor-type, kick scooter-like rides. For those that like a little more comfort an electric scooter with seat is also an option.

This innovative vehicles will allow you to zoom through the city streets and traffic, going up to 20 miles an hour without being sweaty and exhausted when you arrive at work. But there is a big dilemma people face when they want to buy a personal electric vehicle: determining which one will fit their lifestyle better: e-bike or an electric scooter.

What makes them both a smart choice

Before we talk about the differences between e-bikes and e-scooters, we should look at what makes them both a great choice. Choosing a lightweight electric two-wheeler over a car means a better choice for your wallet and for the environment. That means you won’t have to rely on your car to commute to work or run everyday errands, or to worry about parking, rush hours or maintenance cost.

Another benefit of switching your car for the electric bike or scooter is that you would be able to change your route whenever you want. You can take a shortcut if you are in a hurry, but you can take the scenic route as well if you would like to explore your surroundings. And there is no need to mention how much fun you will have zooming around on two wheels than sitting in your car, stuck in traffic.

Which One Should I Choose?

Choosing one over the other truly is a personal choice and depends on many factors. E-bikes offer efficiency and ability of carrying rider and cargo over long distances for very little money and with no environmental impact. Electric kick scooters are lighter and much more compact, and easy to fold up and carry onto a bus, train, subway etc. Regardless of your decision, you will be saving time and money while making the Earth a better place.