Urban Transportation of the Future

2020-12-07T20:30:07+08:00May 23, 2017|Gadgets, Travel|

If you're looking to cut down on your gas usage and have a good time doing it, the electric scooter may be the best way. They're a practical alternative to cars that'll save you money and keep your carbon footprint down. They get you around the neighborhood, bridge the gap [...]

High Tech Helps You Improve Your Softball Hitting Skills

2017-05-11T18:03:31+08:00May 11, 2017|Gadgets|

Over the last few years, sporting equipment has become very high-tech. Almost everyone that uses today’s sporting equipment has seen a number of changes due to modern technology. Not only has the equipment changed, from new materials to optimized designs, but the way we train and prepare has completely transformed. [...]

Screen protector on your phone

2015-01-08T22:35:58+08:00June 28, 2014|Gadgets|

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone owns a cell phone of some type. But, how much do you really know about these devices? If you feel like you are in need of more information, you are in luck. In the article that follows, you will read some helpful cell phone [...]

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