There is something really magical in dressing up, but unfortunately many of us can do that only in very special occasions. But for those rear dreamy moment we have decided to present a designer that creates styles that turn girls into real modern princesses, the one and only, Sherri Hill!

In this year’s collection two styles have really stood up among the others. In a time of bodycon dresses and tacky cut-outs, Sherri Hill has found a way to make women look sexy, without walking half naked. She has shown us that you can look absolutely stunning by showing just your shoulders or your legs.

Strapless Formal Dress

Ever since Hollywood movie stars bared their shoulders back in the 1930s strapless dresses have become an iconic fashion item. They are perfect for hot summers, glamorous and sexy for evening wear, and the absolute favorite of brides with strapless wedding dresses long established as the consistent best seller.

Not everyone can pull off the strapless look, but strapless dresses can look stunning on women with well-toned shoulders and arms. The style favors those with long necks and well defined collar bones. An excellent fit is essential for looking good in a strapless dress. If the bodice is too tight it can result in unsightly muffin top spilling over the neckline; too loose and it can keep falling down or gape as you bend over. Straight strapless dresses can also make less curvaceous women look flat chested; while a pronounced sweetheart neckline or curved neckline will enhance the curves beautifully.

One recurring concern that women have about strapless dresses is how to keep them up. No one wants to spend the evening repeatedly tugging the bodice back into place or worry about exposing their bra on the dance floor. The key to keeping a strapless dress in place is to choose a well-made dress with a perfect fit: test it out before purchase by trying it on and raising your arms and bending over to see if it stays where it should.

Hi-Low Dresses

You have an upcoming formal event, and there’s no doubt that the occasion requires you to dress elegantly. But deep down you know you have to let your inner fashion star shine, and incorporate something modern into the classic look. We have a perfect solution for you – it’s the high-low dress! The perfect combination of sexy and elegant, classic and trendy.

Fun and flirtatious, exotic and elegant, the high-low hemline transforms formal dresses into enchanting gowns that you will want to wear for any special event. With this look you will sure turn heads wherever you show up.

Ever since fashion designers launched the high-low hemline, it has become an increasingly popular trend, transitioning with ease from the glamour of the catwalk to the event halls. Each year more designers are incorporating stunning high-low evening gowns into their collections. The trend revives a look that first came into fashion favor over a century ago.

Sherri Hill carries a wide range of formal dresses, including the perfect evening gowns for your special occasion. Learn more…