With hundreds of islands, fabulous coast, deep blue and very clear sea, Greece is a dream vacation destination for most of the people. Not to mention a lot of historic places all over the Greece which are just “some old stones” for someone and “mythological hot spots” for others.

However you feel about Greek mainland one thing is special – vacation on Greek islands. I’ve been on most major Greek islands and simply cannot answer to question ” Which one is the best for vacation?” There is nothing to compare between islands, what kind of question is that?

By nature islands are lonely places. Time goes slow for habitants, cultural influences from other people are low. So what does it mean for Greek islands?

This islands were conquered many times in their history by surrounding conquers. Different countries with different cultures. Each one of them left something behind – religion, custom, fashion, architecture… Latest big conquerors were Turks which ruled almost whole Greece for 500 years. Most of custom from the Turks are still present in Greece. Specially on the Greek islands where time looks as it stopped. Greek still have their “Greek coffee” and are very anxious if you call it “Turkish coffee” as for example call it in Serbia. (Serbia and FYRM were also under Turkish government for 500 years.)